Conveyancing Costs & Fees

These typically include Local Authority search fees, service suppliers search fees, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax. This is not an exhaustive list but is intended to indicate those types of fees which may be incurred additional to our own fees. Such fees are paid to third parties and are not part of our charges. 
Local Authority search charges vary one from another, Stamp Duty varies depending upon purchase price as do Land Registry fees. You will be provided with full details of the anticipated disbursements for your particular transaction upon contacting our office
The Firms Fees
The firms fees are those fees paid to the firm for carrying out the necessary legal and administration work. On a purchase of a property the work covered under these fees may typically be taking your initial instructions, obtaining and recording your identity information, obtaining contracts papers, investigating title, commissioning the searches, raising additional enquiries, preparing the purchase deed, raising requisitions on title, exchanging contracts, preparing a completion statement, dealing with the requirements of your lender, exchanging contracts, obtaining mortgage funds and the balance required to complete, dealing with the completion formalities, submitting the Stamp Duty Land Tax return, paying Stamp Duty, making an application to register the transaction at the Land Registry, dealing with any Land Registry requisitions, supplying you with a completed registration document, corresponding with the relevant parties in the transaction.
The above information is designed simply to give an indication of the type and scope of work in a straightforward transaction. There are different aspects to be covered in connection with a sale and some transactions may involve part of the work referred to above with other aspects depending on the type of transaction.
We aim to be as accurate as possible when giving an estimate for costs and the vast majority of estimates we give in relation to the firms work is the fee ultimately paid. However the estimate we give is for a standard transaction dealt with on a routine basis from the point of view of time and assumes that there are no defects in the title or defects with the property which cause a disproportionate amount of time to be spent. We therefore have to reserve the right to revise the estimate as the transaction progresses and we will always try to keep you fully informed.
Typical issues on a regular purchase or sale which can result in disproportionate amount of time being spent, for example but not exhaustively:
  • The absence of the appropriate rights of way for a property,
  • The absence of necessary rights to use supply pipes,
  • Land missing from the legal title,
  • Leasehold property,
  • Shared Ownership properties with a Housing Association,
  • The Government Help to Buy scheme.
A conveyance of a two bedroom housing development house which is 20 years old is likely to be less complex and acquire less time than for example a country property involving the use of private driveways, rights to use private water and private drainage systems typically the former might involve three hours of solicitors chargeable time, a further two hours of support staff time and costs in the region of £650.00 plus VAT. The purchase of a small piece of land might be perhaps £450.00 plus VAT. Any secretarial time is not charged as extra and is included in the estimate we provide  and may involve a considerable amount of additional time. Whereas the country property referred to above may involve six hours of solicitors time and two hours of support staff time plus the secretarial work generated there from with costs in the region of £950.00 plus VAT.
It is however important that you discuss your particular requirements and the nature of the transaction with us because certain types of transaction may be less or more costly than the above depending on the particular circumstances.
We do not have a set conveyancing fee applicable to all types of transactions and you should therefore contact the office for an estimate in relation to your particular type of transaction. 
Upon receipt of instructions you will receive a breakdown of the anticipated legal costs and disbursements together with more information by way of terms and conditions and information about the typical progress of a conveyancing transaction. 
Where Harfitts are instructed on a combined Estate Agency and legal conveyancing package, we will charge a given percentage, usually 1% to 1.5% (depending on the initial maketing price) in total plus vat at the appropriate rate for providing both Estate agency AND legal conveyancing services on your sale. Please enquire of the office for further details.

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